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Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries

We have numerous kinds of batteries that you can use in making the devices to propel. Electric power is not always reliable in nature and this is owing to the fact it can develop issues, this is where batteries come in. There are some battery types such as nickel cadmium, lead acid batteries among others. The particular type of each batteries are the best for certain environments.

Each of these kinds of batteries will have their advantages and disadvantages and this manner it becomes a daunting task when you are selecting the most appropriate one. For a long time now lithium batteries have been the most popular one because of the numerous merits that come they come with.

One of them is them is that they are low maintenance battery types unlike the lead acid that require regular maintenance to ensure they are working optimally. An example is that in the case for lithium ion batteries there is no need to charge your battery during certain times. You only need to charge the battery regularly so that it remains functional. You can do it at any time without being consistent as is the case for lead acid battery types.

Another merit of lithium ion batteries is that they are durable or long lasting in nature. Lead acid batteries in comparison to the lithium one, they are less better. Furthermore these batteries have been proven to still maintain more than three quarters of the total battery capacity after being charged for more than 2000 times. When you compare this to the lead acid batteries that only have a lifespan of two years, it makes a huge difference. The batteries that are made of lead acid will require the water to be changed once in a while so that they can work in the best way possible.

Another advantage of this is in terms of the charging time of the lithium batteries, normally, they will complete their charging times very fast and this means that it will not take you long for the deuce using the battery to power up. A good illustration is the use of lithium in the phones which charge up within less than 45 minutes.

In comparison to the lithium batteries, those made of lead will require you to use charge them in several stages as long as the battery life is in existence. Batteries that are made of lithium are also advantageous since they are not damaged by high temperature levels. This is because these batteries do not heat up too much the same way the lead acid ones. Finally, since there is less heat then that is an indication of safety, plus the installation process is straightforward.

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